Fashion In Climate Change

After about six years of there being very little public interest in climate change in the last year public interest has revived, perhaps as a result of a younger generation coming through and taking an active interest in demonstrating against global warming, or perhaps it is merely that there are fashions in news reporting and climate change has come back into fashion, replacing other fashionable items of public interest.

Other matters of public interest come and ago and come back again, in the same way that fashions come and go and come back again such as the fashion of starting wars, ending wars, reporting famines, the wearing of beards or the miniskirt.

Each time a fashion returns it comes back with a slightly new twist. Climate change has returned but with things that did not feature last time round such as demonstrations to inconvenience the public defended by the mantra that the public will be more inconvenienced by climate change, but that presupposes that demonstrations will change anything in the short term. Greta Thunberg did not feature last time climate change came around and I am thankful for that.

Climate change is a real issue and the solving of it require real thinking, scientific and technological innovation and not wooden boats in the middle of Oxford Circus or the whining of a person who has no solution but simply urges “them” to “do something”.

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  1. Who is more convincing

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