Hypocrisy in Action

Many members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom are upset and distressed because the government will curtail the time available for them to introduce legislation to prevent a “no deal” Brexit by a few days. They complain that this is constitutional. They have had more than three years to introduce such legislation, but this apaprently has not been long enough.

They fail to mention that in the EU Parliament (which they want the UK to remain linked to by preventing Brexit) no member of that Parliament has ever had the right or ability to introduce legislation to prevent the EU from doing anything.

3 Responses

  1. Various globalist “puppet masters” have put a few hundred well paid members of rent-a-mob on the streets of London so that the biased media can interview them spitting out hate. Apparently, all in the defence of democracy. This is not hypocrisy it is subversion.

  2. pic.twitter.com/owq2kNzi8c

  3. Compare Hong Kong’s fight for democracy with a London’s / Harrod’s style fight for democracy:

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