Victims of Our Own Success

Humanity is the most successful life form on our planet. We are nearly eight billion strong and have settled into most parts of the land and have changed not only the land but also the other parts of the planet where we do not live. But our success creates problems.

Our numbers are such that we cannot help but irretrievably change our planet, mostly for the worst. Out intelligence is such that we devise ways to live longer so not only are we numerous the impact of each life on the planet becomes greater, just by increasing longevity. We eradicate most diseases and for those we cannot eradicate we find ways to lessen their impact and enable people to live longer. We consume vast materials of the home we inhabit. We spoil our planet in doing so.

We try in some cases to lessen our negative impact but with our numbers that seems to be an impossible task.  Other species with whom we share the planet wither and die out mostly as a consequence of our behaviour and actions. We are too selfish to consider other life forms and too selfish to make allowances for other members of our species and even of out tribes.

This is our success, which like most success is simply an achievement, not necessarily a good achievement for who can really measure good by numbers?

Nothing lasts for ever because forever is a long long time and because nothing is designed to last forever.  Our numbers will increase and then reduce, notwithstanding our intelligence and ingenuity.  Our dominance will wither away as we become victims of our own success.

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