Must Try Harder

As I get older so the proportion of atmospheric carbon dioxide, like my age, increases. the ESRL Global Monitoring Division at Muana Loa, Hawaii,  reports atmospheric carbon dioxide is now at 414.66 parts per million compared with 411.24 ppm just a year ago in May 2018.

It is very sad to have to report this, because it shows despite all the efforts of politicians, activists and well meaning people our efforts are not good enough to end the prospect of catastrophic climate change.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions: facilis descensus Averno. 

It is though that our termly school report constantly bears the epithet “must try harder” and when we show the report to our parent, our mother earth, we say “but I will try harder next term”. The earth smiles, knowing it will abide while we may not.

We must try harder or it will be too late.


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