Undemocratic Voting

Most of the people of the United Kingdom will today make their way to polling booths to vote for the election of members to the European Union’s Parliament nearly three years after the majority of the people of the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union. This is hardly democracy in action.

Those who oppose Brexit claim to understand things better than those who voted for Brexit . It is not complicated: democracy exists when the majority of the people are the ultimate rulers. In the United Kingdom there is now no democracy.


2 Responses

  1. I believe that most voters accept the results of a fair election. Be it Leave vs Remain. Be it Trump vs Clinton. The problem in both the US and UK is that rich powerful corporations/individuals did not want the democratic result and are using fifth column tactics to overturn the outcome. The continued re-run of the referendum is not grass roots but well organised by our undeclared and western world ‘would be’ rulers who seek wealth, power and immunity.

    These secret enemies of the people are now using their well placed “change agents” in goverment and charities to attack the prominent supporters of the democratic result. They have no alternative ideas or proposals and they are using the same tactics in both the USA and UK.

    The tactics are smear, lies and mild violence. They espose ‘so called’ liberal views but do not tolerate disagreement and try to label target individuals with nasty epithets like N@zi, anti-5emetic or mysog inist.

    Farage, Boris, Rees Mogg have all suddenly suffered personal mild violence, character attacks or vexatious prosecution. Trump is called a liar or a danger to the world and the Dems might try to set up impeachment proceedings for ‘so called’ high crimes and misdemeours. Worst of all, these personal attacks are openly or tacitly supported by most of the media.

    The media is totally in cahoots and controlled by the fifth columnists. That is why Gina Miller’s judicial review was well publicised but Robin Tilbrook’s judicial review is unreported. The UK media especially BBC and Guardian is biased against remainers. Witness Andrew Marr’s interview with Farage before the MEP elections. Marr just tried to smear Farage and not interview. You also have to ask why Assange is derided by journalists in our media. Surely he ought to be a hero to real journalists!

    Democracy cannot survive a secret army of well placed and funded fifth columnists unless the general population can see and understand what is happening. Attitudes would change overnight if the population understood the extent of manipulation by secret rich and powerful corporates and individuals. Unfortunately, our media is the propaganda arm and sets agenda/opinion already decided by the ‘would be’ rulers.

    If you query who could possibly be behind such a fifth column consider the influence large corporate companies have in the EU. If we lose control of our armed forces to the EU we are immediately relegated to the status of a colony. A rich colony ripe for asset stripping.

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