We live in Interesting Times

The nations of the world are set on growing their economies. It is, they think, the best way to increase prosperity and reduce their debts. Certainly it will increase material prosperity, if growth can be achieved but at the cost of the environment. We live in the environment and as our economies grow and nations become materially wealthier so our the places where their peoples live become more malignant.

What does it profit humanity to gain the whole world if humanity then has no place to live?

2 Responses

    • I find your information to be fascinating.
      I find there are a lot of answers available to the solutions of greenhouse gases. Carbon problems. But how to get it to the people that actually can invest in these ideas is the challenge. I have a lot of ideas on how to generate an extraordinary amount of energy reduce the cost of fuel.
      These ideas will reduce greenhouse gases. Or will reduce admissions. Etc
      I can clearly tell you after studying your information briefly that you are highly educated and motivated.
      Pursue your challenges in life sincerely Mister Stevens

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