Those who seek to lead us, teach us. 

Since the Brexit Referendum vote and the American General Election there has been a marked increase in racist name calling in many schools. I could understand the increase in racist name calling – children are often unkind to each other and policies about immigration on both sides of the debate were exaggerated and this presumably taught the parents and the children that racism is OK because the side who were portrayed (wrongly in my view) as racists won.

There has also been an increase in homophobic name calling since Brexit and the US election. Presumably the same principle applies – the person who was claimed to be homophobic and sexist won, and thus parents and children were taught that homophobic name calling is OK because Mr Trump won.

Those who seek to lead us teach us and many listen to their teachings and adopt their ideas. People often pick up not the ideas of the politicians but the false versions of those ideas promulgated by that politician’s opponent.

I do not believe that 31 million Americans who voted for Mr Trump belong in a basket of deplorables, any more than I believe that 52% of the UK’s populations are racists. The vast majority of Americans and of the British are decent principled people, however they may have voted.


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  1. Sheeple believe anything.

    The so called rise in hate crime came from a single police report from the National Police Chiefs Council released 4 days after June 23rd. The report said that in the 4 days after June 23rd, 85 people had logged hate crime ‘incidents’ on True Vision (a website that records unverified allegations of such behaviour and managed by Capita PLC paid for by the Police).

    However, during the previous month’s corresponding period there were 54 such incidents reported. The report also said the document in question specifically stated that police forces had recorded ‘no major spikes in tensions’ since Britain voted to leave the EU.

    A later police press release made on the things clear. ‘This should not be read as a national increase in hate crime of 57 per cent but an increase in reporting through one mechanism’ over a single 96-hour period. In my view, without corroberation, this is a flimsy basis for the claimed rise in hate crime.

    There is, in fact, no other corresponding factual evidence of a rise in hate crime. Despite this, all of the propagandist media still clinging to the ‘Remain’ stance chanted in unison that Britain was now the hate crime capital of the world.

    In a National Police Chiefs’ Council report ‘Lead for Hate Crime’, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton stated on the True vision website in September 2016:
    “We have seen continued decreases in reports of hate crimes to forces and these reports have now returned to formerly seen levels for 2016. For this reason, we will return to our previous reporting procedures and will no longer be requiring weekly updates from forces.

    So, Just like global warming became a big earner for academics, so called hate crime is now becoming big earner for many universities, councils and police forces and the ‘penal’ industry. Apparently, several police forces may soon treat ‘misogyny’ as a hate crime, following the alleged success of a pilot scheme in Nottingham where it was decided that wolf-whistling could in certain circumstances constitute ‘threatening behaviour. That is BS, the police just want easy arrests.

    These and many others are policies of oppression in the name of the the majority of voters. It is, in my view, liberal democracy that promotes such repressive policies either to protect the snowflake generation or perhaps in a more sinister fashion to shut down free speech, or exploit for financial gain. The result is to intimidate free thinkers into silence.

    It also begs the question “what is a hate crime” Could I be arrested and charged for wolf whistling or staring?. Perhaps not today. But in 5 years I suspect we will all be wearing dark glasses so as to hide our emotions and also what we are looking at. We might be grateful for burka clad females! There might be no elbow touching to show support, no helping old ladies across the road, no hugging without a prior written permission!

    Of course, there are also commercial entities who would simply love it if more crimes were committed, especially those involving probation, tagging, or open prisons.

    G4S, Correction Corporation of America and probably others operate parts of the penal system. Drug use or possession has been the favoured route for commercial prisons but why not add hate crime, then misogyny, staring with intent, walking without due care, raising an arm in a fascist manner. There are so many possibilities.

    That reminds me of Constable Savage!

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