Quite An Achievement

In the Western hemisphere, and now in the Eastern hemisphere each new generation has lived a more prosperous, safer and better life than the preceding generation. But that trend of improvement in life expectation has reversed, and now in many if not most, nations the younger generation will be less prosperous than the generation that begat them, and what challenges will future generations face as a result of climate change, today barely considered and kicked firmly off the back burner into the long grass?

I could list all the data that shows of the past twelve months the atmospheric carbon dioxide has continue to increase and the world has suffered from higher temperatures and the Arctic sea ice has become less than ever previously recorded. I could then draw a link with these statistics and the exceptional weather London has recently suffered, with the hottest September temperatures for more than eighty years and, what looks likely now, record rainfall.

The unusual weather has not been limited to London. Many places have experienced exceptional weather, and in some cases record heat, rainfall or storms. The fact that climate change is now unfashionable does not mean that the climate has stopped changing. It has not stopped it has not stopped and the rate of change is gathering pace. Our descendants will have to change their expectations in life quite drastically from our present expectations as a result of climate change.

The irony is that we were told before the economic crash of 2008, that if we concentrated our resources on fighting climate change we would become impoverished and we would curtail growth. Since 2008 humanity has managed to become less prosperous and curtailed growth without doing anything to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, prevent the build-up of atmospheric carbon dioxide or fight climate change.  That is quite an achievement.

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  1. Most of the generation now in their sixties can remember winters and summers of their youth.

    January 1962: Edgware Road had snow piled 6’0″ high on the pavements (metric was not used then). My Parents drove back from Manchester and the trip took 11 hours.

    July August 1976: This was a very long hot period in Manchester and I still remember rushing out in to the street one night to feel the first drops of rain in a month.

    Other than those events weather was often perverse but never extreme.

    So on the basis of my own knowledge I refuse to accept either global warming or its claimed consequence of climate change. Charts, graphs, CO2 measurements are potentially ‘damn lies’ and await the day I can sunbathe on Christmas Day.

  2. I remember the winter of 62.63 when Windermere froze solid and we walked right across where the ferries were in the summer.
    I remember the summer of 76 when the town park was burnt to a crisp and the winter that followed was as bad as 62.
    But I don’t remember anyone having grass growing dairy farms on Greenland like the Norse did during what was known as the medieval warming period.

  3. Anonymous, not surprising unless you are over 600 years old.

    • That right crisis, but that what they did do, one farm had stalls for dozens of cattle, and grass don’t grow until the heat reaches 42 degrees, has it been that warm since the 1200,s?.
      I wonder what drove the heat back then for the Norse to survive there for so long, ahem, as he looks up into the sky, lol.

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