Pots and kettles

Should I fear for the United States or fear for the world? Hilary Rodam Clinton is probably likely to become the next President of the world’s most powerful nation. She brings with her all the ugly baggage of a career politician. Such is the stuff that the voters despise, but the voters of the United States have to choose between the fire and the frying pan, an unsavoury unhealthy choice.

There always seems to be corruption with these career politicians. They acquire great wealth, somehow, and use their influence for patronage, usually to the advantage of their offspring. Career politicians see subtly choices and make decisions which ordinary people cannot follow; perhaps we are too stupid, or more likely too principled.  Mr Trump calls Mrs Clinton “crooked” which is a pots and kettles insult. The rest of the world looks on fearful of the future.

I have always argued that people get the politicians they deserve, but in the case of the United States the rest of the world will get a leader that it does not deserve.

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  1. Its too easy to dismiss this presidential campaign as choosing either a pot or a kettle. In my view there are far more serious issues with Clinton as opposed to Trump.

    Clinton is Wall Street’s (and others) Patsy.

    Trump (mostly) has paid for his own campaign.

    She is close to the Rothschilds. Ostensibly, her campaign has been paid out of the Clinton Foundation. This is supposed to be a Charity but has been been investigated and declared an epic charity fraud by Charles Ortel (Wall Street analyst). For example, in 2013 charitable giving amounted to $9M from receipts of well over $140M. There is a labyrinthine organisation which is obviously designed to cover up the identity of donors (eg Riyadh crown princes). Donors soon become masters.

    She ordered the wiping of her illegal servers using Bleachit and then obtained immunity for her employee because this was contrary to a Court Order. She pretended she had ordered it much earlier but the employee just forgot.

    Why has the FBI decided not to pursue her for her criminality in using a personal server for classified communications?. Apparently,
    because there was no intention! Yet the statute does not stipulate that intention is relevant, so why did the FBI drop the investigation? Are Clinton’s backers more powerful, are there back room deals being done to protect the donors’ investment?

    Many will have forgotten her blatant lies on television about her visit to Bosnia (2008) when she described ‘on camera’ how she dodged sniper bullets exiting the plane after landing in Bosnia. Yet the broadcast video showed her walk casually off the plane with her daughter Chelsea and be greeted by an 8 year old child reading a poem.

    Big lies in the face of obviously disprovable events is a sign of a delusional fantasist.

    Also, why does the Media ignore Clinton’s obvious ‘coughing fit’ problems and her need to be seated most of the time?

    My view is:

    Vote Trump you get Trump.

    Vote Clinton you get Wall Street, Lockheed, Pfizer, Saudi Arabia, Boeing, Raytheon, Pentagon, Microsoft, Serco, Zuckerberg etc etc pulling her strings.

    Just as an aside, I see that Dell Computers has fired 3000 employees resident in the USA (i.e. Americans) and applied for 5000 immigrant visas. Is it any wonder that Trump gained 3000 voters overnight!

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