A Triumph or a Disaster?

Time has passed, more than two months, since the result of the UK’s referendum was known and Brexit became a reality.For some the result has been depressing but for others quite the opposite. I rather think the result was a triumph of experience over hope. The young with the optimism of youth, feel the older generation has betrayed them. The older generation, perhaps with wisdom in their eyes believe that the vote was in the best interests of all who live in the United Kingdom. We shall see.

A world without borders is how the world was created but throughout history peoples have moved from one place to another, displacing the indigenous populations often with cruelty and violence. Borders are necessary, because they define a nation and allow the fruits of work of a nation to be distributed in the way that the people of the nation decide. Without borders there can be no true democracy. Without borders there will be those who are stronger and younger seeking to dispossess those who are wealthier. The intent of the European Union was to rub out borders from the map of Europe thus creating one large state. We were told that doing this would continue to keep the peace in Europe, but those who told us seemed to forget that civil wars are just as dreadful was wars between nations.

The difficult task of separating the UK from the EU has now begun. It will not be easy, because there are so many interests and jealousies and fears that must be taken into account and there will have to be some compromises. It is too early to judge whether the Brexit will be a triumph or a disaster. Probably it will be a bit of both.

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  1. EU ‘highups’ like Merkel, Pope Francis, Schultz, Blair and ‘druncker’ Juncker are the puppets of the corporate rich in banking, oil and media. The bizarre ideas of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (promulgated and promoted by the annual Charlemagne Prize) are the pretext for the enslavement of most of the Europe (via the EU, NATO and UN) by the corrupt and crony state run from Washington DC.

    We were only allowed a vote on Brexit because this Washington Mafia believed we not vote to leave, thereby sealing our fate.

    Triggering of Article 50 is unlikely. There will be some catastrophe, already being planned, perhaps an attempt to start a war with Russia, which will prevent it.

    There will be no Brexit, it will not be allowed

    • There can be no war with Russia Chris, because the EU army is part and parcelof the new UN army that is being geared up as we speak and will eventually be used to orientate the policing of the latest influx of immigrants, here is where the trouble will begin.
      And while people are being distracted by Europe the war in Syria will escalate and go basically unoticed.

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