To be in or not to be in; that is the question

To be in, or not to be in, that is the question that the citizens of the United Kingdom will have to answer on 23 June 2016 when they vote in the sea of troubles that will comprise the referendum.

There are three matters that should influence a voters’ decision; different voters will give different weight to each matter.

  1. Freedom; will we enjoy more freedom within the EU or without it?
  2. Prosperity; will we enjoy a better standard of living in the EU or outside the EU?
  3. Safety; will we be safer within by being part of the EU by being outside the EU?

Some may think that prosperity outweighs all other matters. Some think that freedom trumps prosperity and security. Some think that safety and security is what matters most.

For my part, I rate freedom the most important factor. I would rather be free than prosperous and rather be free than be safe. I would rather be poor and in jeopardy but free, than rich safe and enslaved. That is just my old fashioned view of things. Is it noble, and if so will the electorate of the United Kingdom be noble in their decision, or will conscious make cowards of them all?

The existing EU institutions are profoundly undemocratic and as such they limit my freedom and I have no chance of changing them. I note that even when threatened by the exit of the EU’s second largest economy, the EU institutions cannot bring themselves to agree to change significantly so as to enhance democracy in the EU and freedom among its inhabitants. Therefore I shall vote “leave” for freedom and hope thereafter  to remember all my sins in my orisons.


2 Responses

  1. Of course if you’re now rich but not free you will soon be poor and enslaved. The EU will not ensure prosperity for the UK. It is not part of the elites/corporates/ agenda. We are to be mixed, homogenised and diluted to be no more than welfare dependents in permanent hock.

    Look up ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi plan’ and ‘Charlemagne Prize’ you will see the recent prize winners: Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Martin Schulz, Donald Tusk, Wolfgang Schauble, Herman Van Rumpuy, and this year Pope Francis. All familiar elites in the EU.

    Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi was the first prize winner and he founded the Pan European Movement. These prize winners do not preach democracy, they preach elitism, diktats and subjugation.

    That is the real EU

  2. You’re resisting the inevitable.

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