Let us not treat terrorist with undeserved respect

There will always be wicked people doing evil things. It is impossible to prevent wicked people from existing or doing evil things.

All the laws, rules, regulations and restrictions framed against terrorists usually have their greatest effect on those they are intended to protect, not by providing protection but by demoralising and annoying people who are being asked to shuffle off hard won freedoms in the cause of “security”. Security is an illusion.

Let us not take this course; if our fore father had traded freedom for survival we would now be enslaved. Courage in modern times is a rare quality.

We should fight those who use terror; we should defy them, not create laws that treat them with undeserved respect.

3 Responses

  1. Rob,

    How can we not, when your profession prevents us from criticising them adequately, without fear of arrest. I think we may be on the same page here, so don’t you need to speak to the lawmakers/politicians!

  2. The real power hides in the shadows and fuels young men using money and cartagan to give up their lives for ‘willow the wisps’ of justice. Meanwhile, our hypocritical media stokes up hatred and fear in feigned indignity at the atrocities committed just for television.

    • The greys Inn and the tiled floor is where many of the members of All Souls College walk but are never seen, also known as the Senate or grey men, those who have been invited to the inn do not know of these men either, who walk in between the black and white, and make sure their lodges are Properly Tiled.

      The real power is to be found within the older families like the Astors, Swires and Rothschild’s to name but a few, also their sub creatures like the Rock a fellas and Carnegie’s.

      Probably the oldest and most influential is

      The Royal Institute for International Affairs.

      More later.

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