EU Referendum: Things to Know 1

If you believe some, if the UK left the EU the UK would be a crime ridden economically depressed nation with millions more unemployed. In fact we have the those well known charitable and public spirited organisations such as  BAE,  Centrica, EasyJet, BP Vodaphone, Virgin Money, Goldman Sachs and Heathrow Airport telling us that this is the case.

Large multinational companies are, of course, not politicians but they are able to wield great power with few of the duties that fall on those who wield power. One thing is certain, if these corporations advise you to vote in one way then the way they advise will swell their coffers and increase their power and influence.


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  1. Much of the campaigning concerns jobs wealth or security. On those aspects I am old enough to remember when this country made things, employed people to make them and went on holiday to Europe in complete safety.

    So membership of the EU, at the very, least coincides with a worse outlook on all these fronts.

    One of the more insidious aspects of the EU is the standardisation, regimentation and colourlessness of its undemocratic institutions. The Euro makes paupers of some countries and lottery winners of others. Like an enormous Ponzi scheme, newly admitted countries receive hand outs in a Faustian bargain whilst existing members are bled dry.

    I hear that should we vote to stay in the EU, the bureaucrats will exact a Napoleon’s revenge by ordering that in 2018 the British Isles will be forced to change to drive on the right. It will be in the guise of harmonisation. We will also be forced, at the same time, to change all traffic signs to kilometres. The railways will also have to change to pass on the left. (i.e. drive on the right) As a reward for Quisling Cameron he will become an EU president and will oversee the Final Solution for the UK…..Humiliation!

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