Descendants usually praise their ancestors: ours are likely to curse us

It is unseasonably warm in London; I suppose that it is sod’s law that we get a warm winter when energy prices are falling. This illustrates the difficulty that policy makers have when they deal with two key and interlinked areas of policy – energy and climate change.

The warm winter and the record rainfall in parts of Britain are linked to climate change; we do not know enough to be able to claim a direct causal link,  but with 2105 likely to be the warmest year on record, thin Arctic sea ice in winter, and unusual weather events are all classic precursors of climate change, according to climatologists.

It is not our problem today (apart from those affected by these events) but is likely to be the problem that our descendants have to deal with in practical terms. They will look at the talking done at meetings like the Paris Climate Change Conference which results in opportunistic money grabs by some nations and a new improved target of holding back temperature rises to half a degree less than the previous target, and wonder about our intelligence and wonder at our greed.

Descendants usually praise their ancestors: ours are likely to curse us.

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  1. I rather agree that our descendants will curse us but not because of global warming, rather because we allowed this enormous hoax (amongst others lilke multi-culturalism) to justify the balkanisation and impoverishment of Europe, except Germany.

    We have no steel industry, no motor industry, in fact very little of any industry or corporation which isn’t owned by foreigners. All this justofied by trying to rely on ridiculous low energy technology little better than candles.

    The nonsense of Global warming and now climate change has served as one of the justifications for eliminating our heavy energy industries.

    As a result we buy foreign goods made by polluting countries like China, India, Korea etc. Germany cheats on its energy use by importing nuclear from eastern europe.

    How do politicians respond? They borrow.

    The bill, with its minimum payment! will arrive just in time for our descendants to curse us with real justification.

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