Space: the Game is Worth a Candle

A great deal of fuss was made about the first “official” Briton in space. He went to the Russian built space station in a Russian built rocket with another Russian and an American, and joined the roll of hundreds of people who have visited space. This international co-operation works in space, but not on planet earth where the same nations are making accusations of perfidy against each other. 

I suppose that for now space is not worth fighting for; some think the game is hardly worth a candle with huge costs and very few returns in the short term. In the long term, over the next three or four thousand years space travel and colonisation of other planets and moons is probably essential to the survival of the human race as we now know it and to the survival of many of the species of life on this planet.

With our planet’s population at nearly seven and a half billions and rising we will need outer space in the future to make up for the crowded inner space that will inevitably restrict and possibly end human life.

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  1. I suspect the countries seriously pursuing control of the upper atmosphere are well aware of the fact that ‘driveable’ satellites and similar vehicles can provide battleground superiority over mere air craft. They can deliver fearful weaponry and there are probably such weapons already circulating in the upper atmosphere, sleeping until the ‘right’ moment.

    Rockets to the space station are a diversion. They are not a precursor to interstellar travel. Rockets are useless for this as they can only fly in an inert gas like air. To leave the earth with ease we must technologically defeat gravity. After all, it is just another force like magnetism and the strong atomic bond.

    Despite the USA claiming it sent men to the moon, Russia and China have never had such a programme. Why? Why did the Mars colonisation programme evaporate? Consider the radiation of the Van Allen belts. That is why, for now, only the elite will travel ‘off earth’

    There will be no mass migration. In any case the nearest planet we see as habitable is many human generation travel years away even travelling at the speed of light.

    I’ m reminded of HItch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where the Government exaggerated/invented the impending destruction of the earth and organised ‘ark ship’ rockets to send the most ‘valued’ members of society off earth to colonise some other planets or worlds. The first ark ship contained marketing executives and the like, telephone sanitisers and so on.. Perhaps now we would choose bankers, hedge fund managers and footballers. I would also add politicised climate scientists.

    Of course, only the first ‘ark ship’ rocket was ever sent.

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