Fruits of the Earth

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is now upon us. It is for me a sad time of the year. We no longer consume the fruits of autumn in the way did did in past times. Most fruits that reach us come from places thousands of miles away or are forced to grow in factories not farms, in heated greenhouses and plastic tunnels. 

The sustenance of the earth is for us no longer a local phenomenon of even a national one, or even a regional one. We can fly tasteless cherries a thousand miles to decorate our refrigerators, but cannot fly food a thousand miles to feed people in places where they are starving.

Thus we deal in the fruits of the earth.

2 Responses

  1. “On Sunday, a diplomatic source in Athens told RIA Novosti that Greece had refused to close its airspace to Russian planes carrying humanitarian aid to Syria.”

    Seems like the famous Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr Barack Obama doesn’t want Russia to fly food to people starving in Syria. This is a new low.

  2. I have to disagree Rob, we have a store full of those stored summer fruits to eat during the winter of our discontent, a summer within us if you like, what we might have are more greenhouses and the trace gas that would bring even more plants to life, plants that grew in profusion during the medieval warming period, where the Norse were happily dairy farming on Greenland, before they cut down the micro climate there to obtain grass for animal fuel.
    Then here in the UK we gripped the fells to remove the water for more sheep to graze, you see man and his wisdom is unwise to change his immediate environment for things he does not really need, down at the cheap shop.

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