Risking the Lives of Your Children

If you are safe in one place but wish to get a better life with better prospects for your young family, what risks should you take to achieve your ambition? 

Most parents would consider the risk of death as being an excessive risk . Loading your family with very young children into a dinghy already filled beyond its capacity and then attempting to cross ten miles of a sea to reach a place that has the same prospects as the place you are living in, but from that new place you may achieve a place where your prospects are better, as being an unacceptable risk.

Parents have a duty to protect the lives of their children, not to endanger them.

Yet today many families are crossing the Mediterranean Sea in dangerous conditions. Those that survive, having crossed the sea, load themselves into trucks where some of them suffocate on their way to what they believe to be the place of hope.

I can understand those families who are in fear of their lives risking their lives and the lives of their children to escape to a place of safety. I cannot understand those who have escaped to a place of safety risking their lives in an expectation that they will get better lives, materially, in a different place.

It is not right to risk the lives of your children in these circumstances.

We rightly concentrate on the plight of refugees, but must not be uncritical when they risk the lives of their families.

2 Responses

  1. A couple of days ago Frau Merkel’s spokesman criticised Cameron for refusing to allow any Syrian refugees to settle in England.

    Wonder of wonders, Cameron’s best friend, the 4th Viscount Rothermere then used his propaganda sheet (aka Daily Mail) to give Cameron a way out and to “U” turn.

    Splashed all over the Daily Mail (and now every other paper) is the tragic death of a young child on the beach of a holiday resort in Turkey.

    The death is reported as that of a Syrian refugee family, but as you say above, this family were not refugees. They were safe in Istanbul with work and money. They had been refused refugee status by Canada. The father, however, wanted to live in the EU and foolishly or selfishly risked his family’s lives in a small dingy with no life jackets. Tragically, his risk did not pay off.

    No doubt this is just one of many many tragedies many Syrians do quite reasonably risk their lives to escape ISIS and Israeli bombing. This tragedy was different in one important respect. Timing.

    Fortunately for our Prime Minister, the death of this child could be manipulated as the plight of refugees and used to ‘save face’.

    So Cameron and his best friends Rothermere and Dacre hatched a plot to portray this exploit this tragedy. All just so that Cameron could save face as he did yet another “U” turn.

    The whole of the facts are printed in the Daily Mail but the slant and the headlines belie the truth. That is Dacre’s skill.

    What cynical and morally bankrupt people to use this tragedy just to save face?

    Or am I wrong?

  2. Completely agree!
    Many other Asians are taking advantage of this tragic chaos and using it as a scapegoat to fulfil their dream of coming to Europe. To them, this is a perfect point to get here, claiming to be Syrian.
    I personally think we should let some valid Syrians with a valid case into Germany or Britain, but not accept Israelis who can make a perfectly good living where they are.

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