On the Death of a Child

One picture of a dead infant on a beach can produce a greater effect on humanity than a hundred thousand words describing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. We understand small things; big things become incomprehensible.

Enright wrote

“The greatest griefs shall find themselves inside the smallest cage.
It’s only then that we can hope to tame their rage,

Big words fail to fit. I shall not employ them.

4 Responses

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  2. The best response would be to cease bombing and invading in the USA’s/EU’s/UK’s cynical game of regime change and pillaging the middle east.

    The photo of this particular dead child is well timed but pure manipulation through the media to put pressure on us to re-invade Iraq to oust ISIS and, most importantly, Assad.

    Only Assad stands in the way of a gas pipeline from Quatar to Europe. The Saudi Wahabis hate the Syrian Alawites. That is why we are being subjected to terror threats, invasion threats etc all portrayed in glorious Madison Avenue style.

    This is far from the first dead child from Syria yet only now is the media hyperventilating.

  3. Just another thought.
    The little boy was found yesterday and the Daily Mail already has a complete back story with photos from the father’s facebook page. This Syrian refugee family actually lived in Istanbul. Obviously they were not real refugees fleeing a war torn zone but simply trying to get into the EU illegally. Turkey is a perfectly nice place and they left for Kos from the holiday resort of Bodrum.

    The father paid people traffickers to take his family from Bodrum in Turkey to Kos. Despite the enormous payment to the captain of the boat, his children did not have life jackets. The captain seemed to abandon the ship in high seas! leacing the father to steer the large dingy.

    He says the children slipped out of his hands but he only realised they were dead when they failed to meet up on Bodrum beach.

  4. Soon it will be just too risky to report on such things, get used to the way the truth cookie often crumbles.

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