Jaw Jaw is Better than War War

Churchill said “Jaw Jaw is better than war war” and he was right about that. Today we see, amongst all the war and killing that is being perpetrated on a global scale, green shoots of possible peace springing up in nations that have been traditional enemies for many years. The United States and Cuba are re-opening relations which will enable them to “jaw jaw” instead of the leaders of those nations making speeches about how evil the opposite leader is and exchanging insults. The United Kingdom is becoming for friendly with Iran and perhaps Russia and the Ukraine will end up in a relationship which is more akin to their historical one.

It is perfectly possible that all we are seeing is the normal realignment of nations. For centuries Britain and France were jealous enemies but for more than a hundred years they have been friends, as jealousies subside and nations unite in face of a greater danger. I hope that people and leaders are becoming wearied by the fighting and the damage it inflicts. Let us hope so.

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