I am sorry we killed all those people

Mr Corbyn, who from all accounts is likely to be the next leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, has promised to formally apologise on behalf of the Labour Party for taking the United Kingdom into the Iraq war.Mr Corbyn has decided there is no point in waiting for the Chilcot Report on the Iraq War to be published – Mr Chilcot has by the delays lost all credibility in any event, and although an apology will not mend the damage caused in the Iraq war or bring back to life those hundreds of thousands killed in that conflict, it is, I suppose, better than nothing.

It is important to recognise past mistakes because if we do we may well avoid making the same mistakes in future, although that is by no means certain.

One definition of intelligence is to avoid making the same mistakes again and again. The human race has not, over its history, shown much intelligence.

One thing is important. Even if all the apologies in the world were offered we must not move on from the deception practiced to take our nation into that war, but must remember it and guard against it happening again.

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