Mr Assange Is Still In the Embassy

Julian Assange, still imprisoned in the Ecuadorian Embassy, has learned that charges of sexual molestation and sexual coercion have been dropped due to the Swedish Equivalent of those charges becoming statute barred. A charge of rape remains and the Swedes refuse to come to London to interview him and also refuse to give him an assurance that they will not extradite him to the USA if he comes to Sweden. That probably gives Assange excellent reasons to remain where he is, although I have serious doubts as to whether it is a proper use of London’s police budget to guard the Ecuadorian Embassy 24 hours a day seven days a week to prevent Mr Assange slipping away to Ecuador.

Prosecutors tend to be a strange breed in most jurisdictions and the Swedish prosecutors seem either so full of their own importance or so deceptive that they will not come to London to interview a suspect they have cause to believe may have committed a serious crime.

One Response

  1. Who in the world holds the power or fear of retribution such that the governments of Sweden and UK will spend vast sums of money on preventing a person accused of a fairly minor offence leaving for Ecuador?

    The whole charade is transparently being directed by the Washington Mafia.

    It seems to me that the “special relationship” is rather more sinister than its protagonists say. Still, at least there seems to be one unbribed/blackmailed magistrate. Mr Sarao has at least been granted bail before the Wall Street mafia have a go at extradicting him too.

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