Silence – the electric car is coming


I am not a great fan of electric vehicles. They are still in the development stage, mostly requiring frequent re-charges of electricity in order to be useful over long distances unless you can afford to buy a super expensive model. In cities electric cars simply move the pollution to the power stations, although they do improve city air quality because their use is emission free, although their recharging is very emission intensive. 

Some complain that electric cars are too quiet and that there have been accidents when people have been injured who failed to hear the approach of an electric vehicle. I think that the quietness of electric cars is their greatest advantage. We have to adapt to understanding that roads will become more and more with quieter vehicles and that this will be a good thing. We must adapt, as pedestrians, to the increasing number of bicycles on the road (and sometimes on the pavement) and bicycles are as quiet as electric cars.

I would encourage car makers to make their vehicles more quiet, whatever fuel they use. If we continue to insist on polluting the planet with particulates and emissions we might at least stop polluting the environment with noise.

I am writing this to the background noise of a road being drilled. It seems for  all our technological advances we cannot design quiet drills, but that is another story.


One Response

  1. A Tesla electric car costs $4000 dollars more to build than it sells for.
    Tesla has used up $1.1B of its cash in the first six months of 2015 and has a further $1B left in the bank.

    This car cannot continue unless production is moved off shore but who will buy it?.

    In my view the Renault Twizzy is best. Doors optional extra, rented battery, 13 amp socket recharge.

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