We are all now policemen

The citizen has always had a common law duty to co-operate with the police and that duty was often in the past more honoured in the breach than in the observance. However, with governments being so careful of spending public money they collect from taxpayers, the police do not have enough money to carry out their duties properly. Neither does the border agency whose job includes preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country. So the government, so careful with the taxes it collects, has shown much less care with the time and resources of the citizen.

In order to police immigration landlords will have higher duties to ensure that their tenants are lawfully in the country. If landlords fail in their duties and are found to be failing, the tenants become homeless and the landlords are fined. Lorry drivers are fined if they carry illegal immigrants into the country, even though they may be totally unaware of their illict cargo. The truck owners are also fined. The latest part of making the citizen an active police officer is to fine employees who employ illegal immigrants.

No doubt all these fines will operate as cost centres for government, in the hope that what the government is reluctant to collect from citizens by way of taxes will be made up by what it collects in fines in controlling the perceived dangers of illegal immigration.

Of course, those who employ illegal immigrants are operating unfairly; they usually pay they less than they would pay legal workers and an illegal worker finds it hard to complain about job conditions, including health and safety matters, because doing so would risk his or her job. I have more sympathy for lorry drivers and transport companies who must have a difficult time trying to prevent ingenious and foolhardy desperate people from hiding on their lorries.

So all of us suffer not only from increased regulation in having to prove that their lawful activities do not breach immigration laws by recording things that previously went unrecorded, but many will suffer automatic fines because they proved to be inadequate policemen. Thus the government can boast of lower taxes but many landlords, transportation workers and employers will face higher costs.


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  1. The Government has abrogatred responsibility for many other matters too. The EU regulates in every area but criminal law. Useless Home Information Packs e.g.

    Cameron is also dwindling the armed forces so that we will soon have to join ( and pay for) an EU/NATO defence force. Then, another responsibility will be gone along with our ability to defend our borders and determine our own destiny.

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