Selecting Leaders

One of the most unedifying sights in politics is the spectacle of a political party choosing a new leader. In the USA the Republicans are looking for a Presidential candidate and we see the entertaining farce of Donald Trump in the frame; in the UK the Labour Party is choosing a new leader and we see the candidates earnestly promising that which they cannot deliver. It is hard to discover policy in all this mess. What is common in both cases is that the would be leaders are good at making promises to solve problems that they cannot possibly keep because they do not understand the problems that they are seeking to solve.

The Zeitgeist requires politicians who wish to be successfully must first understand the public mood for straight talking and the dreaded “transparency”. Soon these politicians will be so transparent that we will be able to see through them for they have no substance and so straight talking that they will speak in bite sized chunks catering to popular prejudice so we will not know what they really mean or what they really propose,

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