You pays your money…

Some sources claim that the present drought in California has nothing to do with anthropogenic climate change. California has a long history of drought from time to time, and the primary reason is probably twofold; the extraction of water from watercourses on a mammoth scale and the weather patterns that afflict the state from time to time.

One meteorologist, Michal Mann of Penn State does not find it remotely plausible that the drought has nothing to do with climate change. He points out that 2015 is the hottest year in California for more than 120 years and hotter air causes rapid evaporation, preventing any rainfall that exists from penetrating the ground.

This simply illustrates the complexity of link specific events to climate change. It seems that peer reviewed studies on the Californian dorought are divided about equally on whether climate change is a factor or whether it is not a factor in the drought.

Stanford scientists reached the view in 2014 that the atmospheric conditions associated with the unprecedented drought currently afflicting California are very likely linked to human-caused climate change.

“Our research finds that extreme atmospheric high pressure in this region – which is strongly linked to unusually low precipitation in California – is much more likely to occur today than prior to the human emission of greenhouse gases that began during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s,”

As with much of the global warming debate, you can pay your money and take your choice. Ultimately time will decide whether you were right or wrong and then only long after you are gone.


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