Migrants: what we should do

The problem of migrants in Calais seems insoluble and will certainly remain insoluble unless we recognise some fundamental truths about the people who exodus from their homelands to the Jungle Camp and then formulate a solution that is based on the true situation, not on the situation as we would like it to be or as our prejudices may determine. The starting point is recognising the following facts.

1. Most of the migrants seem, from observation of television pictures, young fit men. They have spirit and morale akin to those prisoners of war in the second world war in their desire and ingenuity to escape.

2. Most of the migrants seem to be those who wish to better themselves economically and improve their lives. Relatively few of them fit into the accepted definitions of asylum seeks.

3. Most of the migrants come from places which the developed nations have made insecure, by waging some kind of war in those places.

4. Most of the migrants want to come to the place where their economic changes are highest; Germany, the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian nations are the favourite destinations.

6. The Schengen Agreement of some EU nations makes it easy for migrants landing in Greece, Spain and Italy to get to Northern Europe.

7. There is no stomach in the EU for strengthening inter European borders; thus it will pay the Southern nations to provide free transport for the migrants to get them north as quickly as possible.

8. There is no long term plan; everything is dealt with on a short term basis, or rather not dealt with on a short term basis.

It therefore follows that part of the solutions will be

1. Improve the life chances in the places from which migrants escape, and do it quickly

2. Abolish the Schengen agreement.

3. Stop fighting needless senseless foreign wars

4. When migrant boats are intercepted return the migrants to to ports from which they embarked.

5. Screen the migrants in Calais and deal with them on a case by case basis; those with talent and qualifications or to whom we owe a duty by having placed them in danger can be resettled somewhere in the EU; those who are criminals can be returned; those who are economic migrants can be returned to the port from which they embarked to enter the European Union.




2 Responses

  1. You are missing the point with this article in my opinion. The reason why these migrants want to travel across deserts and put themselves in debt is because they have NOTHING to lose. The western nations who they are fleeing their home to have conquered and pillaged their home nations for greed. The migrant crisis is the result of our actions in the past and we must live with the consequences. Anyway all our economies are based on “Untermenschen” illegal immigrants who we can exploit for profit – modern day slavery.

  2. Isn’t it time the people of the UK took a breather and simply said NO.
    NO Migrants.
    NO EU.
    NO more interfering in other countries.

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