Too Much and Too Little

Many people have died recently as a result of exceptionally heavy monsoon rains in Burma, Vietnam and south eastern India. The rains have caused landslides, polluted water courses and even though there is water everywhere it is undrinkable. 

These parts of the world are used to regular monsoons; the people who live there plan for the monsoon in their farming techniques and in their building styles and materials. A monsoon should be capable of happening without loss of life, especially as these nations are developing and are becoming wealthier and, in the western sense of of the word, more sophisticated. More than a hundred thousand people have been badly affected by the monsoon fiercer, say some, than any they can remember. Dozens are dead.

In future the nations of South East Asia will have to devote a large share of their wealth in making sure that they can live in safety and in security with increasingly violent monsoons.

On the other side of the world the drought in California still continues and forest fires rage.More than 5,000 people are without running water. There are thunder and lightening storms which perform without any rainfall and although there are no deaths or displacements as a result of the drought California will have to devote a significant portion of its wealth in future making sure there is enough water to go round and that forest fires are contained and kept away from areas of dense habitation.

Too much water in one part of the world and too little water in an other part of the world: too much carbon dioxide everywhere in the world.

One Response

  1. No weather agency claims the drought in California is due to global warming. They all say it just makes the temperature higher. What do you know that they don’t?

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