On Freedom

Many people in this nation think that they are free, but they are mistaken. Our laws bind us very tightly, as do our circumstances. Believing that the acquisition of wealth will make you free is foolish. It will simply replace one set of restrictions with another set of restrictions. The cords that bind us when severed produce new cords, like the hydra, in a never ending mass of bindings. 

So it follows that no one is truly free; we are slaves to wealth, fortune, the law, or other people restraining them from acting according to our will. But one freedom can be unrestrained and unbound, and that is the freedom to think and to believe what we think.

In our society the freedom to express ideas is curtailed and always has been, no matter how many declarations of law and rights and constitutions may claim to protect this freedom. But the freedom to think and retain our thoughts can only be ended by death.

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