I will write the next essays about music. It is hard to describe in words the beauty of sounds and knowing this I looked for a way that would blend words and music together. Traditionally songs do this. They are small light poems whose sounds and metre fit to the rhythm of music.  I could never sign satisfactorily, and so a looked for ways to combine words and music which have never been done before. In 1968 I found a way working with Chris Calcroft. He composed and played the music and I composed and spoke the words. I was pretty pleased with the result. We performed our work in many places in the North West of England and often had a good audience reaction, particularly to the music which Chris composed and played on his guitar. You can hear poor recordings of what we did on the “Words and Music” page of this website.  But music is a progression in life, just like aging and  time. Some things improve with ages, others become dull and senseless and other thingsremain as fresh as when you first encountered them.
I am not a musician; I try to play guitar but have no talent , but like billions of others I have travelled a journey through music and will describe it.

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  1. For me music is as direct as smell or touch or illumination.

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