On Thinking

Some days it is hard to think clearly. The paraphernalia of living gets in the way of clear thinking, and I end up rigarmoroling instead of writing clear ideas. Other days a phrase that someone says sets a spark which I cab kindle into a flame of an essay, testing or destroying what I try to set alight.

Perhaps after thousands of blog posts I have said all that I need to say and written all that I need to write but human ingenuity (of others not me) brings new ideas to me. I discover that new ideas drive out the old. We lose as much as we gain. Humans find it impossible to reform and change without throwing away what is good as well as what is bad. I might have thought all that I can ever think, and faded memories lose some good ideas with a desire to think again and think fresh. Babies and bathwater.

We are simple beings complex in our demands but greedy to have them satiated. And so we turn the page forgetting what was good in the hope and expectation of finding something better.


One Response

  1. Great minds discuss ideas;
    average minds discuss events;
    small minds discuss people.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

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