The times they are a changing

I was annoyed to read that some scientists had reported that in future the British Isles will have longer bursts of heat waves and be warmer, as a result of global warming. The story was widely reported. I am sure, as far as I can be, that global warming is taking place and that the climate of these islands will be different in future from its present climate, but I do understand that when predicting the future there are literally more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our science.

We could just as easily experience a very cold climate, especially in winter, as the processes of anthropomorphic climate change could easily cause the Gulf Stream to slow down and stop, and this might lead to these islands experiencing the same climate as Newfoundland, which is on the same latitude as Britain but is not warmed by the Gulf Stream.


The times, they are changing that is for sure  but the nature of future change is unknown and the uncertainties are such that the likelihood of an accurate prediction about our future climate is quite low. I fear that when the changes come our descendants will curse us for taking the best that this planet has to offer and leaving them to struggle, like a government that has spent all the wealth of a nation for short term pleasure thus committing its people to long term pain.

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