Democracy 1 Bureaucracy 0 (Half Time)

The Greek referendum vote contrary to predictions by journalists and contrary to the leaders of Eurozone nations that are not in default turned out to be a rather overwhelming vote which supported the Greek government and by implication supported their efforts to secure a what the Greek regard as a fairer deal to end or help end their financial crisis.

There is much implicit criticism of the Greek people by many European leaders, who seem to believe that the Greeks are not educated enough or not smart enough to understand the issues and therefore cannot properly vote on them. From interviews with Greeks reported on the media I have no doubt that the Greeks understood what they were voting for in the referendum and that understanding was not only shown by the “no” voters but also by those who voted “yes”.

But there are more negotiations to take place and, as the football commentators say in their store of cliches “there will be more twists and turns before this is over.”

At the moment whatever the economic rights and wrongs are, democracy is winning against bureaucracy and that can only be a good thing.

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