Donating Taxpayer’s Money to Charities is Wrong

I was astonished to learn that the charity, Kids Company, has been receiving taxpayers’ money from the government to help it in carrying out its work.
The charity seems to do excellent work, but in soliciting and receiving money from the government it loses is independence, and can be dragged in to a political dispute. It seems that this is exactly what has happened.

I do not think it the business of government to donate money to charities, however worthy. It is the business of people to donate to charities,not that of governments. The business of government includes duties to look after vulnerable and disadvantaged people that exist in the nation it governs. It should do this through official agencies. Donating taxpayers’ money to charities strikes me as odd. It may well be likely that charities will spend the money donated more appropriately and carefully than the official government agencies, but that makes a case for making those official agencies better.


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