No More Polystyrene in the Big Apple

Today I read some good news for the environment, which is a rare occurrence. New York City will prohibit the single the use of Expandable Polystyrene Foam (EPS) packaging in six months’ time. Some 25 billion coffee cups made from EPS are used every year in the USA. There are other products that use EPS – fresh fruit trays, food containers, packaging products and none of these will be sold in the Big Apple in the New Year.

It is impossible to recycle EPS.

One Response

  1. EPS can be Recycled and can under some circumstances bio-degrade [ ] and of course it is a useful material because it can reduce energy usage for heating and cooling. However proper waste segregation is necessary also designing products where materials can be separated easily is another point with this. Some floods in cities have been aggravated by discarded EPS disposed of improperly. The alternative to EPS Bioplastic such as Expanded Cornstarch is promising for takeaway food containers and Drinking straws to Building Insulation. 🙂

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