The Most Violent Places in the World

Action on Armed Violence has listed the most dangerous violent nations in the world. The top five are Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Nigeria and Pakistan followed by Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Lebanon and India. Violence in Iraq seems never ending ever since the Allies invaded it and toppled Saddam.  It is no accident that nine out of the ten most violent places are nations or are bordering nations where the Western democracies have intervened in the name of bring peace and stability to those places.  Continue reading

A Calm Day in London

It is a calm day in London but elsewhere in the world there is much turbulence. In South Carolina, Continue reading

Trust the Judges?

“Trust the Judges” is said when governments enact a law which has the effect of limiting, often potentially unreasonably, the freedom and liberty of the individual; we can, the theory goes, trust the fierce independence of the judiciary to protect freedom and liberty which we, the governed, cherish. “Trust the judges” is trotted out when governments enact laws which limit our freedom. Unfortunately it seems to me that the judges can no longer be trusted. Continue reading

Richard Rogers and Robin Hood Gardens

Robin Hood Gardens is an ugly block of flats and it is an uncomfortable place to live. It is in the East End of London, not too far from where I spent eleven early years of my life in a council house built to the same kind of specifications and bearing the same kind of grimness as Robin Hood Gardens. Continue reading

Some Concepts Are Important

Some concepts are of overwhelming importance. Among these concepts are justice, freedom and liberty as well as the rule of law. Fashions change in our attitudes to important concepts and the law develops around these changes. Continue reading

Mr Blair Looks Like a Lizard

Tony Blair looks increasing like a lizard, but does not, according to accounts in the press live like one. Lizards eat flies but Mr Blair enjoys a life of opulence and luxury, which is most suitable for the former leader of the Labour Party which was formed to represent the interests of working class people. Continue reading

Why Bother Spying?

There was a story in the newspapers today that British spies had to move out of China and Russia after the governments in those  nations decrypted communications; somehow Edward Snowden was to blame. Continue reading