An Inconvenient Interference

Politicians do not like democracy. It is an inconvenient interference in the running of the places they govern and reminds them, too clearly, that politicians are servants, not masters. 

The Greek Government has decided to put the Eurozone’s proposals for what is commonly called a bailout but what is in truth a strategy for hardship to satisfy debts due to wealthier partners, to the Greek people. This is laudable; if the people are to suffer they can vote on the kind of suffering they must endure.

However the Greek Government’s proposal for a referendum which has been supported by the Greek Parliament, has been roundly criticised by many of the politicians in other Eurozone nations. The head of the IMF, that specialist organisation which promotes human suffering has also criticised the exercise of democracy by the Greek people, saying the referendum would not be valid, on the somewhat technical grounds that when the referendum is being held Greece would already be in default.

Only a banker or a politician who is losing the argument would put forward such sophistry.

I do not know how the Greeks will vote of 5 July. I do not know whether Greece will stay in the Eurozone but I suspect that if Greece leaves the Eurozone the consequences for the remaining members will be seriously dangerous.

One Response

  1. The media is full of lurid horror at the attacks on some holiday makers, yet it relegates to the back pages, the EU/banks attack on millions of people and Greece democracy.

    Does that tell us something about the true masters of the media?

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