The Most Violent Places in the World

Action on Armed Violence has listed the most dangerous violent nations in the world. The top five are Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Nigeria and Pakistan followed by Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Lebanon and India. Violence in Iraq seems never ending ever since the Allies invaded it and toppled Saddam.  It is no accident that nine out of the ten most violent places are nations or are bordering nations where the Western democracies have intervened in the name of bring peace and stability to those places. 

The Western democracies have claimed that their actions have been for the benefit of those inhabitants. Instead of bringing peace by getting rid of dictators who were perceived to be threats to peace they have stirred up an nest of angry hornets, made angry by the hypocritical behaviour and lack of justice in the actions of the Western democracies.

It may be that the Western democracies were motivated by motives which were not those stated by them. We should all feel ashamed of what has been done in our names.

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