A Calm Day in London

It is a calm day in London but elsewhere in the world there is much turbulence. In South Carolina, a State which has a hospitable reputation and a brave history nine people were shot while at prayer, that most harmless of activities, in an attempt to spark off a racist crisis, and the folk of the United States are struggling to understand why these things happen. In The European Union Greece is hoping, perhaps against all logic, that the economic crisis that grips the nation will not result in people starving and the sick being refused medicine and aid while in other parts of the European Union the mantra is that Greeks must suffer but above all they must pay their debts. In Russia the people learn that the sanctions that have been imposed by the Western democracies must continue another six months and in response Russia has embargoed food imports from the European Union, Canada and the United states, while the United states has assured the Ukraine that all will be well; if the Russian Federation does not supply natural gas to Ukraine then the United states will; it has plenty of natural gas for sale. There are killings in Afghanistan where the government of that nation struggle to contain the civil war with the Taliban. In the Middle East ISIS are in control of large parts of Iraq and Syria, killing and beheading those they suspect of opposing them or simply being different from them. At the annual Chinese Yulin festival thousands of dogs and cats are being slaughtered, skinned and eaten, for reason that I cannot understand, but the death of humans is more important that the death of dogs and cats because in sub Saharan Africa there is so much fighting and life is so hard that hundreds of thousands of people are attempting to make a better life in Europe, or die in the attempt, because life is so bad where they live.

The planet is warming, but despite much talk and wringing of hands, the planet continues to warm. A famous priest tells his congregation to consume less and be thoughtful of the planet, and is roundly condemned for making what is claimed to be political statements.


It is a calm day in London but in London we are not insulated from the cries of the turbulence that our actions and politics have created.  If people deserve the leaders that they elect then the people, not the leaders must suffer the consequences of the pathways and policies that the leaders have taken.


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