It’s Not Funny – Resign!

Some jokes you make are not funny. Nobody laughs and what is meant to amuse becomes an embarrassment. Often a joke made by an older person would be out of touch with the mood of the times. This is perfectly normal and should be tolerated.

But the zeitgeist is a hard spirit to please and at present lacks toleration entirely. What once made it laugh with tales of black people or religion or women now makes it angry, almost violent, should such be told in its presence. It matters not if you are a Nobel Prize winner whose work has provide much benefit to humanity, or an entertainer who has given almost incalculable pleasure to millions, offending the zeitgeist with what once amused it is a serious business.

If you are old and think the thoughts that are now considered evil but in your youth were considered normal and appropriate, the zeitgeist will show no mercy and make no forgiveness for your age or your good intentions.

We live in stern and largely humourless times.

One Response

  1. Where on earth can the truth be spoken without offending someone?

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