“X” Marks the Spot

Traditionally “X” marked the spot where there is hidden treasure on an old treasure map. Old treasure maps have all been lost or faded into nothing but now “X” will mark different things on maps.

The UK has 160 thermonuclear missiles. I have never figured out how these weapons of mass destruction provide a defence. They do provide the means of retaliation and some hold that having them prevents our enemies from striking at us. These missiles are located on submarines, which tends to reinforce the fact that their use will be retaliatory. It is not as though we regard that attack is the best means of defence, but rather that retaliation is the best means of preventing an attack. I am unconvinced and my lack of conviction is shared by the vast majority of young people in the UK.

The cold war ended and some nations carved out of Russia gave up their nuclear weapons for development money. Russia kept its weapons. Now relations between the West and Russia are getting strained, mainly because of disputes over the Ukraine, (which gave up its nuclear arsenal), the USA has come up with a cunning plan to base thermonuclear weapons on land in Europe. The UK Defence Secretary has not ruled this out. It may be that he hopes this will persuade the Russians to do what the West wants, but that is a fond hope.

If the UK and other European nations do station US thermonuclear weapons on their land, they will simply litter the maps of Europe with many places marked with an “X”; no treasure will be found in those places – just the means of mass destruction on a scale hitherto never experienced in the history of humanity.

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