Higher and Higher

The latest measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide from Mona Loa has been released. In May 2015 levels reached 403.94 parts per million compared with 401.78 parts per million in May 2014.

3 Responses

  1. So all efforts so far to reduce CO are wasted, what is the point, all the bureaucracy we in the UK face to allow us to install renewables, is actually a barrier against renewables been embraced, most installers refuse to join MCS, so most installers do not offer renewables as an option to their customers, until MCS is removed renewables in the UK will remain stagnant, but also while other countries in the world continue to ignore the issue, the CO levels will continue to rise

  2. Higher the liars, the trend for the cooling is on a downwards path, so the new climate change will soon be the new cold.


    Victor Rothschild will be turning in his grave for inventing the new hot, or was that cold.

  3. Lower and lower, how does your garden grow is the indicator for a warming period.


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