It is complicated!

Some lay people and a very few scientists have claimed that there has been either no global warming or a much slower pace of global warming in the past ten years.
Unfortunately, climate science is a matter of genuine scientific complexity, and it is simply not true to try and make simple statements about that complexity and those claims are very simply, almost  childish statements.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has been examining the data and they have taken the view (and it is a view not a conclusion) that the so called pause or hiatus in global warming is not true. The rate of warming his still alarmingly high and although there has been a small slowdown in its rate, that slowdown is nowhere near as much as previously thought.

The temperature increases as measured by humans have always showed fluctuations when considered on a graph year by year or decade by decade. It is on a time basis two steps forward and one step back. Take the points on the graph in fifty year segments then the rate of heat increase is steady and rising.

In my lifetime –  a tiny fraction of human history average global temperatures have risen by 0.6⁰C.

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  1. I bet you believe the NIST report on 9/11 too

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