FIFA – What we should do to Make Mr Blatter leave

It has been suggested that a proper response to the allegations of wrongdoing at FIFA is for England to withdraw from the world cup. Of course we do not know whether anyone at FIFA has been guilty of taking bribes or guilty of other corruption, although reading the British newspapers might give the impression that such guilt has been proven. Nevertheless the seriousness of the allegations reflects badly on the FIFA leader, Mr Sepp Blatter, who has now been cast as the villain of the piece, rightly or wrongly.

I am sure that with drawing from the world cup would do no more than deprive millions who enjoy the tournament of great pleasure. If we feel that some gesture should be made which will both send a message and assist to change the FIFA leadership then refusing to playing the world cup is not the right gesture.

A better gesture would be to boycott the world cup major sponsors, who include Coca-Cola, MacDonalds, Addidas and VISA. If the leadership is bad then those who financially support a bad leadership are enabling that bad leadership to continue. I do not see the British press putting forward this as an option; it is probably because the major sponsors of FIFA are also major advertisers in the British press, so they come up with a solution that does not cost them any money, but en passant, deprives millions of pleasure.

3 Responses

  1. Of course we all know that the FBI is really really concerned about ‘proper’ football and the ethics of america’s bankers…..not!

    The FBI was actually doing its dirty work for USA’s corporates who lost out in the last round of bidding for 2018 and 2020.

    How sweet for them that they can now lay the ground to steal the 2018 World Cup from Russia.

    I agree with you lets boycott Cuke, McDonad, asidad VIAS etc.

    PS: message for all bribe takers: don’t use american banks.

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