Let Us Hope They Are Wrong

The Antarctic has seemed to be an anomaly in terms of climate change. Scientists always believed that the effects of rapid climate change would be most noticeable at the extremes of the planet. The Arctic and the equatorial regions of the planet showed these changes quite dramatically but the Antarctic seemed to stubbornly show no significant evidence of climate change. All however was not as it appeared, or so it appears.

It seems that since 2009 part of Antarctica close to the Antarctic peninsular and near the Bellingshausen Sea has been losing ice at the rate of 56 billion tonnes a year as ice streams melt causing not only a lose of ice but a drop in the elevation of ice by about four metres a year in some places.

Professor Jonathan Bamber has explained that”The total loss of ice per year is about 60 cubic km. Just to put that into some kind of context: 4 cubic km is roughly equivalent to the domestic water supply of the UK every year.”

Some climate scientists disbelieve the measurements carried out by analysis of satellite gathered information, because the results seem to be just too dramatic. Let us hope that some mistake has been made for our own futures, but fear what this will mean to climate and weather patterns on our planet in the future.


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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/energy/renewableenergy/11641088/Wind-farm-subsidies-facing-the-axe.html

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