This Deadly Soap Opera

The world ‘s nations have always had contradictions and hypocrisies when it comes to dealing with their foreign affairs. Two hundred years ago in Northern Europe there were wars between Russia France and various other nations in the Baltic. In these wars some nations fought against other nations who were their allies in a different fight in a different part of the Baltic areas. The British interfered to attempt to change the politics and diplomacy of the region in their favour. Today in the Middle East we see the same mixture of alliances with some nations almost fighting themselves in an effort to secure dominance over a region.

The USA and many EU nations are against President Assad of Syria, who is threatened by ISIS. the USA and the EU are also against ISIS who has invaded and captured about a third of Iraq. Iraq is against ISIS and President Assad and is being helped by Iran, who may have been supporting ISIS. Saudi Arabia is helping in the fight against ISIS in Iraq, which is the traditional enemy of Iran, but in Yemen it seems that almost everybody is fighting everybody else with support from everybody.

Confused? You will be even more confused after the next episode of this deadly soap opera.

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