The Best Place to Locate a Nuclear Power Station

There are a three major problems with nuclear power stations; they are targets for terrorism and must be kept highly secure, they must dispose of safely large amounts of nuclear waste which has got to be stored for thousands of years and they create a large amount of wasted heat energy. I am able to report that I have now solved all three of these problems and found the best place to locate a large nuclear power station in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately I do not anticpate that those in authority will rush to put into effect my solution.

It is clear that security is important. We must find a place which is always guarded to the highest possible standards. The safest place to hold nuclear waste is underground in a rock formation which is highly stable, It has been shown that clay is the best storage rock and in France where they have plenty of nuclear waste they are going store their copious quantities of it underground in clay formations. No energy should be wasted, so heat energy emitted by nuclear wasted could be piped into homes where it can provide free hot water (using of course heat exchangers) and free central heating for many homes and businesses.

One place in the United Kingdom fulfills all these criteria. Isn’t that lucky? It is always guarded to the very highest standards all day every day. Its underlieing geological formation is heavy clay which is ideal nuclear waste storage rock. Muclear waste would not have to be transported, except in a downwards direction.It has millions of people who live and work nearby and who could be easily and cheaply connected to a nuclear power station by a heat ring main.

The obvious place to build nuclear power stations is not places like Sellafield or Somerset, but in London, in Westminster as close as possible to the Houses of Parliament. All the benefits of which i have written make that the ideal location.

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