Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increases

In April 2015 the US measuring station at Mona Loa in Hawaii measured 403.26 parts of carbon dioxide per million in the atmosphere compared with 401.29 ppm in April 2014. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration state that world atmospheric carbon dioxide levels exceeded 400 ppm across the whole of the earth. The statement is based upon only 40 measuring sites, so it may be inaccurate, but for the first time all 40 sites reported measurements in excess of 400 ppm.

There has been a rise of 120 ppm since pre industrial times and half of that rise has occurred since 1980. There is a great deal of scepticism amongst many people who are not climatologists that a rise in what is, after all, a trace gas in the atmosphere could affect our climate.

I shall not set out the processes that are believed to make increasing carbon dioxide a serious contributor to global warming; I have done that elsewhere. We may not see the proof of the theory of climate change in our lifetimes, at least those of us who are old may not see it, but I fear for future generations. The proof of that pudding will certainly be in its eating.

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  1. There are many very elegant energy sources which do not involve emissions of CO2.

    Hydro electric and nuclear are the most obvious. These can provide massive amounts of power without CO2 and without pollution. But, for some reason Greenpeace and the Green Party dislike Nuclear and they seem to want to return this country to some previous and non existent agricultural idyll.

    IF there is the CO2 caused global climate threat you suggest, then it is madness to oppose nuclear, yet the greens do. We are propagandised that more windmills, solar panels and hybrid cars will solve the alleged problem of CO2. They wont, because they lack energy density. An analogy would be trying to fly a plane supersonically by getting the passengers to blow hard out of the window.

    A few blogs ago you dismissed Maurice Newman’s “conspiracy theory”
    yet, in my view global warming theory ticks all the “grains of truth” test you put forward. I believe we are witnessing CO2 used as a trojan horse/patsy to perpetuate rather than curtail continued use of fossil fuels.

    I believe (yes I cannot prove it) that ‘big energy’ has given us an ‘energy placebo’ in the form of green energy. It has propagandised the idea of CO2 causing global warming using a few ‘grains of truth’ through the ‘green brigade’. All the time knowing full well that mediaeval ‘renewable energy sources’ will never be sufficient to replace oil in particular and, to some extent, gas. Of course the real problems with oil combustion are the pollutants which are now often conveniently ignored in the shadow of the CO2 bogeyman. (NOx, VOC, CO, Ozone, Particulates etc). Methane combustion emits CO and CO2.

    But more importantly for the energy industry it wants to continue selling its monopolised products. Hydro electric and nuclear would harm their profitability whereas green energy hardly makes a dent.

    In my view, all of the present and planned windmills and solar panels cannot/willnot provide present levels of power generation for transport, heavy industry, domestic consumption etc we remain hooked on fossil fuels.

    So oil/gas companies/countries love Greenpeace etc and provide funding for other so called green projects to counter global warming. All the time knowing pollution rather than CO2 is the genuine problem and windmills will never threaten their income stream. (of course big land owners will also benefit from the windmills and solar farms with overpriced electricity)

    If out country was run for the benefit of the majority of occupants the Government would fund the hydro electric schemes planned in the 70’s as well as investing in nuclear. Both would rid us of reliance on foreign oil and gas and if nationalised would free us from the global energy based tyranny of undemocratic corporates and countries.

    Unfortunately, Cameron and his billionaire pals in government and banking are not running the country’s energy policy or finances for our benefit.

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