The Game’s Afoot

I sat in an airline lounge. Not too many years ago most of the people sat there would have been reading a book or a newspaper or magazine. Some would have been chatting.  Things are different now. Most were intensely gazing on their smart phone screens, occasionally flicking it while the rest were operating laptop computers. 

When walked passed the people and glanced at what they were doing I was surprised that most were playing some kind of computer game. Not too many years ago a business person would not allow himself or herself to be seen playing a computer game any more than they would wish to be seen reading a comic.

Today people use games as a way to pass the time and as a way to stimulate their minds. They use computer games in preference to talking or reading, not communicating but at best receiving through code the puzzles set by unseen hands and anonymous minds.

We lounge like lizards in soft plastic chairs, avoiding the glances of human contact. Our sinews our loose and our blood slow, no matter what challenge lie ahead. The easy game’s afoot and we follow our games and not our spirits.


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