Lack of Balance at the BBC

A general election is an important event and one which provides some education and entertainment on the night when the results come in so I watched those results. The BBC, a publicly maintained and financed broadcaster, had an election programme which I watched. I found it unbalanced and that it spent too much time concentrating on election results in Scotland, deeming these of overwhelming importance. 

There are about 65 million folk in the United Kingdom. Of those about five and a half million are Scots, which according to my arithmetic is less than 9 %. The BBC must have spent 75% of its time and commentary on events in Scotland. It seemed to ignore largely what was happening in the rest of the United Kingdom and expressed all kinds of concern as to how the new Scottish National Party Members of Parliament would affect the whole of the United Kingdom. It seemed that although the BBC believes that all animals are equal they clearly believe that some animals are more equal than others.


The BBC also failed to attempt to explain why the SNP had won so heavily in Scotland.

No one at the BBC suggested that the reason why the Conservatives won the nation’s general election with an overall majority was probably partly due to the voters in England and Wales (and to a lesser extent in Northern Ireland) understanding that it is undemocratic, unfair and undesirable for 9% of a nation to have more influence  or, as Ms Sturgeon puts it, more clout over the affairs of the nation as a whole than 9%.

The Labour Party has lost the confidence of the people of Scotland. I rather suspect (although the figures have yet to be analysed) that the SNP’s 56 votes were fewer votes than UKIP’s single seat. If Ms Sturgeon can make a case for Scotland to have more clout Mr Farage, leader of UKIP who attracted votes from all parts of the UK, can make a stronger case.


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