Exorcising Lawyers

My computer is making strange noises, so I had better write a short article today, just in case.  I find that a group of “radical activist performance artists have performed what they describe as a exorcism outside the offices of lawyers King & Spalding in order to publicise and complain about its work in Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership litigation. they fear that the “partnership will enable large corporations to prevent governments from pursuing the interests of their citizens where such interests conflict with those of the large corporations. 

There is no point in demonstrating against the lawyers. Lawyers simply reflect the diverse interests of people, communities, governments and business, whether large or small. Societies get the lawyers that they deserve and lawyers simply put into effect the laws that governments create. If we shoot all the messengers there is no less bad news in the world, it is simply that we know less of it. Corporations are free to sue anyone, including governments, who act contrary to the laws. The laws should be made by the elected representatives of the people. If you concentrate on changing the laws for the better instead of criticising the lawyers you may achieve some good.

One Response

  1. There were many defences at the post war Nuremberg trials. I believe the most common was “but I was only obeying orders”

    Unlike many soldiers and camp kommandants, however, lawyers are not obliged to work for anyone.

    If lawyers can see their client’s brief is unpopular they can choose to resign.

    Unfortunately, in my personal experience, far too many lawyers are not interested in justice, just profit.

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